About Us

Share Results is an online marketing company that specializes in affiliate marketing. We provide solutions to online businesses looking to build and expand their revenue on the internet.

Since 2004, we have honed our expertise in the areas of affiliate marketing software development and affiliate program management. We develop secure, intuitive, reliable and flexible software to track and measure affiliate performance and provide personalized support on marketing strategies. It is easy to set up and manage. Our software platform also powers our affiliate network and is home to more than 30 affiliate programs and over 12,000 affiliates.

Our Philosophy

Share Results is a solutions-driven organization; consistently looking for ways to push affiliate marketing to new levels. Our philosophy is to remain ahead of the curve in terms of enhancing our software, building long-term profitable relationships, providing personalized support, and assisting with campaign optimization. These approaches help us achieve our underlying goal: to help you get the most return out of your affiliate marketing endeavors.