About Everyday Family Affiliate Program

EverydayFamily.com offers free baby samples, baby coupons and baby offers to new and expectant families.

Our program is a lead based program where the user only needs to enter their email address and baby's due date to be considered a billable lead. Every offer on the site is completely voluntary and the users are not required to complete any specific action to receive their free samples. Our site is much different from the typical short form lead generation offers in this way.

Click to conversion is currently above 25%.


Offer Description:
EverydayFamily.com offers users a number of different free baby samples, offers and coupons from name brand advertisers. You are paid on this simple one page registration form.

Accepted Promotion Methods:
1) Email Marketing
2) Banners / Web / Text Links
3) Search with Restrictions (See below for restrictions)4) Campaign is U.S. only
5) NO Incentives

Free Stuff for Your Baby - Publisher & Search Restrictions
1. Affiliates CANNOT bid on any trademarked/branded terms (Example: Pampers, Huggies, Gerber, etc.)
2. Affiliates CANNOT use misleading or deceptive advertisements to drive traffic to the EverydayFamily.com landing page.
3. Affiliates CANNOT advertise content or services not available on the site. (Example: "Enter your email address and get $500 towards baby diapers) In the example the advertisement promises something that EverydayFamily.com does not offer and is therefore misleading.
4. Affiliates CANNOT spam users on social networks and community sites
5. Affiliates CANNOT engage in spoofing, misdirection or any other fraudulent behavior
6. Affiliates CANNOT incentivize the offer in any way

Current Promotions

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