About PoolTracker Affiliate Program

PoolTracker is perfect for any affiliate interested in entertainment and sports affiliate programs. We host both public and private sports office pools, football pick 'em pools, March Madness brackets, and more.

Affiliates of PoolTracker can earn 25% revenue share commission on office pools and experience high conversion rates. If you have a sports-themed website and can drive US traffic and players, you can join Pooltracker's affiliate program in Share Results for free to begin promoting and start earning cash on a monthly basis. There are no limits to the money that you can earn!

The program has a variety of banner ads and text links to help you promote and earn commissions based on the players that you refer. We now allow brand name bidding for PPC affiliates. You also get a 365-day cookie to ensure that you are credited for all of your referrals.

Our 3 Peak Seasons are:

  • NFL and College football (July/Aug/Sept)
  • NFL Playoffs and College Bowl games (Dec/Jan)
  • NCAA March Madness basketball tournament (Feb/Mar)

  • Average Order Values or AOVs for the most popular pools are:

  • NFL pools - $49 USD
  • College football pools - $46 USD
  • NCAA pools - $24 USD
  • NFL Playoffs - $13 USD

  • PoolTracker also offers sports pools for the NHL (starting in September), NBA (starting in October), and NASCAR (starting in February). Additionally, our English Premiere League soccer pool begins August 14th, 2010.

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