About The Globe in a Nutshell Affiliate Program

The Globe in a Nutshell is a hands-on, enhanced E-Learning program, focused on World Geography with a dynamic, information-rich curriculum.

Consider Your Destination Before You Begin Your Journey

Before you begin your journey toward Affiliate Marketing success, you should take an inventory of yourself, your values and your skills. It does not matter whether you are a first-time traveler (a new affiliate entering the workforce), someone who travels infrequently (reentering the workforce), a seasoned traveler (someone interested in switching career fields), or a confused and uncertain traveler (someone laid off). All travelers are in a state of transition. One lifestyle is ending and another will soon be beginning. Managing your transition well in these changing times lays the groundwork for your path to success with Affiliate Marketing.

We would love to help you with your footing.

About The Globe in a Nutshell

The Globe in a Nutshell takes keen adventurers on a voyage of discovery into the fascinating world of global geography. From the comfort of home, through online courses, practical assignments, and self-motivated learning, explorers will be inspired to expand on their knowledge of the world and all it has to offer. The Globe in a Nutshell program is ideal for ages 8 to 108 and is especially popular with parents, teenagers, senior citizens, homeschooled students, those who travel and those who prefer armchair travel.

The Globe in a Nutshell Affiliate Program

The Globe in a Nutshell Affiliate Program offers the following two prospective verticals:


Education is soft sale, especially for parents, homeschoolers and people who like to be in the know. Knowledge is happiness. The Globe in a Nutshell is an E-Learning program and is therefore; less expensive, self-paced, faster, consistent, any location any time, updates easily, a sensory experience with increased retention, and easily managed. With two major industries, transportation and telecommunications, that have changed our planet, World Geography has become an exceptionally hot niche. People are reading about exotic travel, following international sports or listening to news reports from faraway places only to realize that they are not able to spot these locales on the world map.


Travel is a booming industry offering people the opportunity to disconnect from their regular life, true relaxation, chance to increase ones knowledge and widen their perspective, and have new experiences with an increase in resourcefulness. The Globe in a Nutshell offers all this without buying a single airplane ticket.

The Globe in a Nutshell Affiliate Program target market will initially be Canadians. Within one year, we will be expanding this market to include Canada and the United States, and within three years, our affiliate program will venture internationally. We wish you the greatest success with The Globe in a Nutshell Affiliate Program. There is rapid growth in the E-Learning market and our victory will be in helping people grow and become better equipped with a sophisticated knowledge of their ever evolving world.

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