An Interview With Share Results On CPA Network Reviews

Interview with Share Results affiliate network on CPA Network ReviewsYesterday, the newly re-launched website CPA Network Reviews was kind enough to shine the spotlight on Share Results. Our COO Nicole Fortunaso agreed to do an interview with the website and gave visitors some great insight into what we do and our business philosophy. For anyone that wants to dig a little deeper into what Share Results is all about, we encourage you to go over to CPA Network Reviews to view Nicole’s thoughts on the affiliate marketing industry.


Q. What value does your company provide versus the hundreds of others in the space?

A: We are based in Montreal, Canada, and as anyone who has ever been here knows that our market is a distinct mix of primarily French and English languages. In addition, Canada has a stable economy with good growth potential. We see our location as an advantage, because we have developed excellent insight into both the US and Canadian digital marketplace, and can help clients groom their businesses to be better positioned on both sides of the border.

I would also emphasize our belief in the value of transparency as the key to any relationship; it fosters trust and growth. Affiliates and merchants alike can use the information provided in our tracking software to measure success and look for opportunities to create additional revenue.

Q. Are there specific regulations occurring for certain types of offers? Not too long ago, free trials and even download offers were receiving a lot of scrutiny.

A: Specifically in the for-profit online education market, which is one of our specialties, affiliates, lead aggregators and universities are being forced to comply with new lead gen marketing guidelines when attracting students online. Affiliates promoting education should make sure that they are staying up to date on the latest government regulations. Affiliates and networks should also be using approved marketing tools and channels in their campaigns; otherwise they could risk valuable income or worse, be blacklisted.


Click this link to see the full interview.

The CPA Network Reviews site is a portal and directory of both CPA and affiliate networks in the affiliate marketing industry. They have interviews with networks, as well as some of the latest offers and news about industry events and news. You may be thinking that these types of networks are the same, but as our colleague Nicole Young emphasized in her blog on “CPA networks have a reputation for their affiliates having the capability of generating high volume traffic… Affiliate networks are seeking long-term partnerships with affiliates and it is understood that it may take longer for those partners to cultivate higher volume traffic.”

CPA Network Reviews has plans to offer more tips and resources to visitors, so head over to this resourceful affiliate marketing website now and don’t forget to add them to your RSS reader.

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