3 Factors For Promoting A Canadian Fashion Merchant

3 Factors For Promoting A Canadian Fashion Merchant

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As an affiliate, there are many things to take into consideration when choosing a fashion merchant to promote, especially if they are based and/or ship within Canada. Online shopping in Canada has been slower in e-commerce growth compared to the US, but the number of Canadian shoppers seeking online deals is rising. More Canadians are searching for clothing, accessories, services, coupons and deals that are local. With no foreseeable end, the online Canadian market has an abundant amount of online shoppers looking to spend their hard earned money!

According to creditcardscanada.ca, Canadians made 10 million online orders valued at $15.3 billion in 2010. If you want a piece of the Canadian market, it is important to know in advance what type of merchant you are signing up to and what to expect from your partnership. Let’s look at different factors when choosing to promote Canadian fashion merchants.


Product Choice

First of all, build a strong foundation by honing in on a fashion niche. During 2009 in Canada, creditcardcanada.ca reported that men accounted for 47% of all online shopping while women accounted for 33%. Know your market and carefully choose fashion merchandise that actually interests you and your target audience. By doing so, you will be motivated to promote and produce stylish content that is accurate, informative and interesting.


Price Points

The most recurring challenges that affiliates face with new merchants are worthwhile commissions and timely payments. Canada is currently experiencing an economic slowdown, plus depending on the province or territory your potential customer lives in, taxes can impact how much clothing and accessories are purchased. Therefore, look for fashion merchants with a great brand online and reasonable price points for products. The higher the price point, the more you can potentially earn in CPA or revenue share.


Tracking Software

Pay special attention to the affiliate tracking software and the affiliate management support offered in your Canadian fashion merchant’s affiliate program. Here are some important points to consider:
  • 30 Days or more of Cookie Tracking: Look for 30 days or more of cookie tracking. You want to make sure you always get credit for sales that originate from your site, even if the shopper leaves and then decides to return after a certain amount of days.
  • Good Analytics: You need a way to check on clickthroughs and payouts to assess conversion issues or evaluate performance progress.
  • Marketing Tools: Good marketing tools are essential when promoting fashion and help you generate more traffic and increase sales.
  • Affiliate Management: No software is complete without affiliate support. Support is not usually required on a daily basis, but if and when an issue occurs, it is good to know that helpful assistance is a short hop away.

With a growing online retail market, there are many Canadian fashion merchants looking to recruit affiliates with traffic in Canada. These days, you can quickly find reviews and discussions about the best merchants and affiliate programs in this market.

To give you a head start, we would  like to share a couple of great fashion merchants based in or who ship to Canada, who are always looking for hard working affiliates like you: Stylehopper, StyleFly.ca and Fashion To Figure. To find out more about our fashion retail merchants, please click here!

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