Part 2: Smart, Data-Driven Campaigns with ShareResults

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Part one of Smart, Data-Driven Campaigns focused on the manual reporting that so many marketers have to rely on.  Today we are going to look at the importance of giving your partners, the affiliates, the right tools in order to run a successful campaign and essentially drive more conversions.

Quick Insights for Financial Marketers and Affiliates

If your financial institution wants to test or focus on performance marketing (a solid goal considering that 40% of financial services companies have 20%–80% of their overall revenue driven through their performance marketing partnerships) your partners, the affiliates, need the right tools to run a successful campaign and get you as many customers as possible. Your internal tracking is great to compare and track your marketing efforts but when working with affiliates who need real-time tracking, pulling the results from your in-house tool every week or once a month isn’t efficient.

The ShareResults software can be made available to both parties and allows a deep view into each campaign and how it’s performing. For example, the software can show how many applications were made and how many of those were approved — something other tracking tools can’t show.

This dynamic software also allows for comparing different affiliates. For instance, the Affiliate Manager can see if the “approval rate” for an ongoing gift card promotion is much higher on one affiliate website compared to another affiliate website. Maybe the first affiliate is also using targeted mailers and the other is running a less-trafficked PPC campaign. Using these data driven insights, the Affiliate Manager can recommend a different strategy for the PPC campaign and affect the overall success.

Plus, Affiliates often spend money on promoting their partners, so why would they spend extra time and money on a campaign that they can’t optimize? It’s an advantage to both the affiliate and the financial institution to access in-depth reporting.

An Affiliate traffic report allows users to see which merchants are performing the best using various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Each report has customizable sorting and filtering capabilities to better analyze the data.

With real-time tracking, affiliates can log into their accounts and see which campaigns are working best. From number of impressions to click-through rates, from reporting by creative to seeing which is your top performing banner, and so on. Shedding light on those campaigns from beginning to end.

ShareResults offers easy-to-use and customizable software that delivers:
● Real-time data and reporting
● Paperless payment solution
● Easiest and most flexible interface around
● Unlimited users and affiliates

Case Study: Using Data to Make a Difference

Here’s an example of the power of using data strategically. In one month an Affiliate might run two campaigns: an email campaign and an online gift card campaign.

During the month, the Affiliate is able to see some click data on these two campaigns, but won’t be able to see the sales/conversion rates until the end of the month when the financial institution sends over a spreadsheet.

When the spreadsheet is finally sent, the Affiliate Manager discovers the email generated 90 approved sales and the online gift-card had 110 approved sales. This leads the Affiliate to think the online gift-card campaign was more successful than the email one. But was it?

Maybe the email campaign received 100 sales and 90 of these were then approved. And the online gift-card campaign received 300 sales but only 110 of these were actually approved. The conversion rate of the email ended up being a lot higher, making it the more successful of the two.

The Affiliate might have spent more time and money on the online gift-card campaign, but if they had put more resources behind the mailer, they would have sent the financial institution more approved customers. And both the Affiliate and the financial institution would have made more money. Without access to real-time data to expose this information during the campaigns, there’s no way to know until it’s too late.

The time for using big data to make strategic decisions in your marketing programs is here. Do you have the right tools to make a difference? Or are you still using a manually-created spreadsheet?

Shared Results offers turn-key reporting solutions and knowledgeable Affiliate Manager who will partner with you. Reach out for a demo and to learn more.


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Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card Wins Multiple Product Awards

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It’s been a great year for the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card and, most importantly, for the Canadians who use this lucrative card for their personal finances. Gaining well-deserved recognition for the value it brings to customers, the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card won three product excellence awards this year:

The Money-Back credit card wins consumers over by simply being a smart way to spend money. Customers receive 2% money-back rewards in selected purchase categories, and 1% back on all other purchases. By selecting categories that they use most frequently for their 2% rewards, Tangerine customers can make the most of these monthly rewards (and skip the annual fee, to boot!).

For a limited time, Tangerine is offering new Money-Back Card users 4% on their selected purchase categories for the first three months.

Want to find out more about the Tangerine affiliate program or the Money-Back Credit Card? Get in touch with us at

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Tangerine Launches Affiliate Program with Share Results

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New program offers affiliate bonuses, lucrative commissions

Share Results is excited to announce that Tangerine, the leading direct bank in Canada, has launched an affiliate program for their online banking products and the Money-Back credit card! By cutting out the cost of operating a network of traditional bank branches, Tangerine is able to offer a number of great products that have helped nearly two million Canadians more effectively build their savings.

Why Tangerine?

So, why exactly to Canadians choose Tangerine? Whether a customer wants to save, build credit, or just keep day-to-day finances flowing, there is a Tangerine product ready to make that process easy (with a great bonus, to boot).

New Chequing Account Offer – New customers who open a Tangerine chequing account from June 1st to August 31st, 2016 will earn a $25 bonus if they use the Orange Key “chequing25”. On top of that, if customers switch their payroll direct deposit to their new account before August 31st, 2016, they will earn an additional $75 bonus.

Tangerine Savings Account – By becoming a Tangerine client, new customers can earn triple interest of 2.40% for the first 6 months after opening their first savings account, and can earn up to $50 in bonuses in the process.

Money-Back Credit Card – Customers looking for a credit card with real rewards will be happy to find the Tangerine Money-Back credit card. Customers will earn 2% money-back rewards in two categories of their choice, and 1% on all other purchases. For a limited time, customers can earn 4% rewards in their two chosen categories for the first 3 months.

With these innovative, customer-oriented takes on personal finance staples, it’s no wonder that Tangerine is known as the home of forward banking.

Affiliate Program Details

The Tangerine affiliate program offers accepted affiliates a $35 CPA on every referred Chequing or Savings account and a $50 CPA for approved credit card applications, making it a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to make the most of these products’ popularity.

To celebrate the launch of this new program, Tangerine is offering affiliates a new tier-based bonus structure from June 1st to July 31st, 2016 for online banking applications. The volume bonus ranges from $20 for 5 new referrals to $1,000 for 100 new referrals – the more customers you refer, the more money you earn!

Want more information on how the Tangerine affiliate program can work for you? Drop us a line at or in the comments below.

Scotiabank Releases Two Brand New Credit Cards via a Partnership with GM

Scotiabank Partners With GM, Releases Two New Credit Cards

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Canadians Love to Drive

If you’re a Canadian who’s enthusiastic about automobiles and all things cars, it’s your lucky day – Scotiabank has just introduced two brand new credit cards that might pique your curiosity. In light of a recent partnership with General Motors, the latest editions to Scotiabank’s robust portfolio are designed to reward spending with car-related perks and special offerings. At a glance, those who register for a GM-branded Scotiabank credit card will receive 5% in GM earnings on the first $5,000 spent annually. Affiliates, pay attention – new promotional opportunities await you!

Market Opportunities

At present, the Canadian marketplace is devoid of a strong credit card option that directly benefits the automotive community, thus Scotiabank is aiming to tap into Canada’s unique car culture. The two new credit cards are available in both a premium and no-fee option, with the former dawning Scotia’s much-celebrated Infinite brand. In the spirit of Scotiabank’s other credit options, both cards are also equipped with a number of travel-oriented insurance benefits.

Rewards Program

Points accumulated through the GM® VISA* or GM® VISA* Infinite can be put towards purchasing one of General Motors’ many brands of cars, like Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC to name a few. Otherwise, if leasing is more your thing, points can be used for making a down payment. Registering for either card will ensure that any interested party can procure a GM-brand motor vehicle a lot quicker, as the rewards scheme established by Scotiabank is decidedly powerful, not to mention competitive –  most Canadian rewards programs offer anywhere from 1 – 2%.

If you’d like to learn more about Scotia’s new GM co-branded credit cards, click on either link provided earlier. We believe that these cards have huge potential, particularly for our active affiliates that are already promoting Scotiabank products. Exciting times ahead, people!

Vroom vroom!

Are you a self-proclaimed motorhead who is thrilled about Scotia’s new cards? Let us know in the comments below!

Scotiabank Credit Card Affiliate Program: New U.S. Dollar Card Launched!

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Share Results and Scotiabank are excited to announce the newest offer available for affiliates to promote through the Scotiabank Credit Card affiliate program:

Scotiabank® U.S. Dollar VISA* Scotiabank U.S. Dollar Card_credit card affiliate program


No US $ Currency Conversion Fee: Make purchases online or in-store in US $ directly, eliminating costly foreign currency conversion fees and exchange rate fluctuations.

Purchase Security & Extended Warranty Protection: Enjoy a maximum lifetime liability of $60,000; charge the full cost of any personal items to your U.S. Dollar card and enjoy automatic insurance against loss, theft or damage for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Extended warranty coverage also doubles the manufacturer’s warranty by up to one additional year.

No Annual Fee for Supplementary Cards: Extend your Scotiabank U.S. Dollar VISA benefits to family members without any additional cost.

Instant Cash Advances: Enjoy instant cash advances at over 1 million VISA/PLUS ABMs worldwide. Alternatively, card members can link their Scotiabank U.S. Dollar VISA account with their ScotiaCard for easy access.

Who It Targets

Mass market, online/cross-border shoppers and travelers.


Earn $100 CPA per lead approved!


Promoting Scotiabank® U.S. Dollar VISA*

Affiliates who have travel or rewards-related content or would like to discuss a way to promote this exciting new offer can contact us here.

If you are not currently an affiliate on the Share Results Network and would like to sign up to the Scotiabank Credit Card Affiliate Program, please click here.

Unwrapping Boxing Day Sales Creep: Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch Out For

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Boxing DayWith the holiday season already well under way, affiliates and merchants have likely begun planning their marketing campaigns, prepping their products and customizing their sites in an effort to take advantage of the year’s most profitable season. And while strategizing ways to maximize your marketing activities leading up to this timeframe is a great way to boost ROI, traffic and commissions, it’s important to realize that it’s not taking the whole picture into account. Understanding consumers’ behavior around this time is also key in terms of boosting performance.

Every year, countless numbers of Boxing Day aficionados fearlessly brave the Canadian winter, standing in queues for hours on end, dawdling through pushy crowds in the wee hours of the morning, all in hot pursuit of the greatest bargain. Traditional lineups aside, a growing number of Canadian shoppers have begun flocking to the internet from the comfort of their homes, as the store window becomes increasingly digital. Here’s some noteworthy trends to keep in mind this holiday season:

Boxing Day Sales Creep

If the past few years are any indication, Boxing Day’s most ardent deal hunters begin scouring the internet in search of the greatest finds well in advance. Many retailers have taken note, extending their dates for post-Christmas sales, with some even morphing Boxing Day into Boxing Week, to leverage the accompanying ‘sales creep’.

Takeaway: Start early. It’s no secret why some of the biggest retailers opened up their virtual doors touting boxing-day deals as early as Christmas Eve of last year.

Selfish Santas on the Rise released an insightful report that touched on some seasonal shopping trends amongst Canadian consumers. They estimated as many as 8 out of 10 of those surveyed planned to treat themselves to gifts they wished they received this holiday season – about 49% of these shoppers were waiting for Boxing Day/Week, as they felt it offered the greatest deals; they also planned to spend an average of over $200 on themselves.

Takeaway: Brainstorm incentives offering savvy savings or rewards to create some buzz around your offers. Think two-for-one specials, free shipping on gift purchases, etc.

The Multi-Screen Approach

With millennials driving a significant portion of online sales, mobile shopping is steadily on the rise. While this isn’t particularly revealing in itself, interestingly, mobile didn’t necessarily replace in-store shopping, but rather, enhanced the purchase process. One study revealed that shoppers were found to shop across channels (smartphone to store), as well as devices (tablet to PC), starting to research a product on one device and completing the actual purchase on another.

Takeaway: Embrace mobile – this can’t be stressed enough. Encourage your site visitors to bookmark or in some way reserve the products they plan to buy. Minimize shopping cart abandonment by putting a multi-screen strategy in place to ensure you’re meeting the full expectations of potential customers throughout the complete purchase process.

Ratings & Reviews Are Big Influencers

It goes without saying that shoppers today are savvier than ever before. When they walk into a store or stumble across a website, they are mindful; well informed about what products to buy, how these compare across brands and which retailers offer the best deals on said product. This is especially true around the holiday season, when shoppers tend the most to rely heavily on consumer feedback to guide their purchase decisions. This is important, especially given that a majority of holiday shoppers aren’t particularly brand loyal; some don’t even have a specific product or brand in mind ahead of purchase.

Takeaway: Take advantage of the opportunity this spells out to keep your site visitors informed. Make it easier for potential customers to compare prices across multiple retailers – list products by price, brand, or some other comparable-across-the-board metric. Increase engagement by including a review or ratings section or a list of pros and cons for the best deals offered.

When the eggnog begins to wear off and you’re done recovering from the inevitable Xmas-induced haze of family gatherings, food comas and holiday cheer, what will you be doing to get your site ready for Boxing Day? Hit us up in the comments section below!



Affiliate Marketing Tips for the Holidays

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marketing tips for the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, and scores of festive promotions already underway, many newbie affiliates might find that they’re scrambling to put together a strategy to capitalize on the year’s most exciting season. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you get ahead of the competition:


An important first step in monetizing your site traffic over the holidays is to invest in some solid keyword research. Although promoting the right merchandise can go a long way towards ensuring you are able to make the most of this lucrative earning opportunity, optimizing your content to rank well for every product you sell in time to make a difference simply isn’t viable. Instead, prioritize. Once you have a better idea of which offers would best tie into the theme of the season, begin by brainstorming a list of popular holiday search terms. As a general rule of thumb, long-tail keywords work best in terms of targeting traffic and boosting conversions. For an added differentiator, you could try including less generic terms that are more gift or offer-specific; you could even consider optimizing content to include recipient-focused search terms (think: ‘Top 10 Xmas Gifts for Mom’).

Create a Sense of Urgency

With the competition for online shopping especially fierce this time of year, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. A great way of keeping your site out of the clutter is by offering special coupons, holiday bonus codes, free shipping, or other types of incentives geared at encouraging engagement.  Use time-sensitive offers to create a sense of urgency around promotions. List final shipping and delivery dates to remind your audience that the window for last-minute online gift purchases is limited.

Amp Up Your Social Media Efforts

Develop a timeframe of promotions to follow. Post frequently and with original content to boost your chances of getting ranked for a larger variety of search terms. Ask questions, organize polls, and most importantly, get festive! Think themed profiles, holiday hashtags, exclusive contests and giveaways, ‘Top 10’ lists, etc.


With smart phones and tablets forming an increasingly critical part of the online shopping experience, it goes without saying that by neglecting to accommodate these types of users, affiliates are missing out on a large chunk of potential revenue. Be prepared – ensure that your site is mobile-optimized. If possible, work on enriching and simplifying the purchase experience through a faster checkout process, shopping cart or wish list function and remember to outline return/exchange policies and estimated shipping and delivery dates.

What will you being doing to optimize your site for the holiday season? Have any marketing tips for the holidays to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

Scotiabank Credit Cards Affiliate Program: Sign-Up Perks & Important Updates

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The Scotiabank Credit Cards affiliate program offers a total of 12 different credit cards to promote, targeting a diverse demographic of customers. Whether it’s travel, student, cash back, merchandise, entertainment rewards, a low interest rate or no annual fees, Scotiabank has a credit card to offer. Affiliates can promote all or selected credit cards that best align with their traffic demographics.

If you are interested in joining Scotiabank’s affiliate program, you should check out some of the important updates that have been announced, including revised sign up bonuses for most cards offered, with all changes effective November 1st, 2014.

Scotiabank Gold American Express

Premium Travel Card
Customers can earn travel rewards faster, and then use the Scotia Rewards points to book flights, hotels, holiday packages, cruises and more with no restrictions!
Special Sign-up Offer: 20,000 bonus points worth $200 in travel, eligibility for the 20,000 bonus points is based on $1,000 in net purchases in the first three months, plus first year annual fee waiver.

Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite

Premium Cash Back Credit Card
The Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card rewards on your everyday spending with the most cash back of all Scotiabank credit cards.
Special Sign-up Offer: First year annual fee waiver, plus 1.99% intro rate on cash advances and balance transfers for the first 6 months



Entertainment, Rewards & Student Card
Cardholders can earn 1 SCENE point for every $1 they spend on credit card purchases and 5 SCENE points for every $1 they spend on SCENE VISA purchases at participating Cineplex Entertainment theatres or online at
Special Sign-up Offer: 2,000 SCENE points enough for 2 Free Movies

ScotiaHockey NHL VISA

Entertainment Rewards Card
Customers can choose their favourite team card and earn Use their ScotiaHockey Rewards points towards officially licensed NHL® merchandise and game tickets and VIP NHL event experiences
Special Sign-up Offer: 5,000 free ScotiaHockey Rewards bonus points on the first purchase.

If you would like to be part of the Scotiabank affiliate program and start promoting right away any of these cards or any of the other Scotiabank cards available; become a Scotiabank Affiliate by joining us here or contact the Scotiabank Affiliate Team for any questions about this program.

Hockey Is Back! That’s What Canada Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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Fall is already here and nothing can be more exciting than our first holiday of the season: Thanksgiving! Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday of October, unlike our American neighbors who celebrate in late November with a healthy serving of Football.

Canadian Thanksgiving not only brings us turkey & stuffing, it also marks the start of the NHL hockey season! The NHL will be celebrating the start of 2014-15 season with the 2014 Molson Canadian NHL Face-Off event in Torontoon October 8th. Canadian rock legends, The Tragically Hip, will kick off the celebrations with a free outdoor concert at Yonge-Dundas Square. The best of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend games will beToronto Maple Leafs vs. NY Rangers on Oct 12th, and Montréal Canadiens vs. Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators vs. Florida Panthers, both games on Oct 13th. Follow @NHL on Twitter for more details!

The 2014 Molson Canadian NHL Face-Off is a great way for the NHL and sponsoring partners to get involved. If you’re both an affiliate and a hockey fan, below are some offers you need to be promoting:

  • The Scotiabank® NHL® VISA card, with an exciting sign-up promotion for all those hockey enthusiasts:  5,000 free ScotiaHockey Rewards bonus points on your first purchase. Users can use their rewards points towards officially licensed NHL merchandise, game tickets and VIP NHL event experiences. If you are have an audience with an interest in hockey, you should be promoting this card to your visitors. Please contact the Scotiabank affiliate team for more info.
  • NHL TundraGear hats! TundraGear offers official Licensed NHL pins designed specifically for Tundra winter hats. Pins are designed for the winter hats letting fans to cheer on their team regardless of how low the temperatures go.

If you want a few suggestions about affiliate programs to promote and how to tailored your campaigns to your visitors during the NHL season, do not hesitate to contact us at

Let us know what NHL team you’ll be cheering for this Thanksgiving. Leave us a comment below!

New Offer: Earn Up To 30,000 Travel Rewards Points With Scotiabank AMEX Cards

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Scotiabank®* American Express® Card Suite_travel rewards

With its accelerated points-earning potential and flexibility of redemption, the Scotiabank®* American Express® card suite is designed to excite the travel enthusiast in all of us.

Share Results and Scotiabank are excited to announce an exciting new offer available for affiliates to promote through the Scotiabank®* American Express® card suite!

Now, first-time applicants can jumpstart their travel plans with 30,000 Scotia Rewards bonus points (that’s $300 in travel) with their first purchase when they sign-up for a Scotiabank AMEX Gold card before October 31, 2014. And with some of the richest rewards rates in Canada, card-members earn additional 2/4 points on every $1 spent on gas, groceries, dining and entertainment. 

Scotiabank®* Gold American Express® Card

The Perks

Special Sign-Up Bonus:  Kick-start your travel plans with 30,000 Scotia Rewards bonus points (worth $300 in travel) on your first purchase when you sign-up before October 31, 2014.

Accelerated Points-Earning Potential: Earn Scotia Rewards points 4 times faster for every $1 spent on gas, groceries, dining and entertainment. Receive one bonus point per $1 spent on all other eligible purchases.

Flexible Point Redemption: Card-holders benefit from an unrestricted redemption system that includes comprehensive trip coverage (including taxes and surcharges!) and the option to split the costs of your trip between redeemable points and additional charges to your card – which earns you even more points! When booking travel arrangements outside of Scotia Rewards’ travel agency, any points earned can also be redeemed online after purchase.

Exclusive Access to Travel Benefits: Available 24/7, the Scotia Rewards Travel Service is ready to assist with everything you need, from booking trips to managing dining and entertainment reservations and beyond. Card-members also benefit from discounted Priority Lounge access through a special membership fee of only $65 USD (and $27 USD per lounge visit), and from Scotia Rewards’ Low Price Airfare Alerts that monitor your itinerary daily in case a lower-priced ticket becomes available. Other travel privileges include reduced rates on car rentals and special vacation packages, as well as special luxury hotel and cruise amenities.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance: This includes coverage in case of trip interruption/cancellation, lost or delayed baggage, car rental-related damage, and in the case of theft of any personal items if your room is broken into. Primary card members, their accompanying spouse and any dependent children will also receive emergency medical insurance for up to 25 consecutive days of travel.

Who Should Apply?

Travel enthusiasts who frequently spend on gas, groceries or entertainment and/or like to dine-out often will likely benefit the most from this card. Typical card-holders are mature, have higher incomes, and understand the value of the $99 annual fee. They also like to splurge on premium travel and merchandise.


Scotiabank®* American Express® Card

How It Compares

The Scotiabank®* American Express® card serves up similar benefits to the premium Gold card with a lower annual fee.

With an annual fee of only $39, card-holders earn reward points 2 times faster for every $1 spent on gas, groceries, dining and entertainment and receive one bonus point per $1 spent on all other eligible purchases. They also enjoy comprehensive travel insurance including emergency medical for up to 8 consecutive days, as well as reduced rates on vacation and cruise bundles and special amenities on hotel, car and other travel-related bookings.

The sign up bonus of 5,000 bonus points equals $50 in travel.

Who Should Apply?

Targeted more towards the mass Canadian market, this card offers many of the perks of its Gold counterpart at a lower annual fee of only $39. Thrifty spenders looking for a quick way to save on their next vacation without cutting too many corners would find this card ideal.


Promoting Scotiabank®* American Express®

Affiliates who have travel or rewards-related content or would like to discuss a way to promote this exciting new offer can contact us here.

If you are not currently an affiliate on the Share Results Network and would like to sign up to the Scotiabank Credit Card Affiliate Program, please click here.