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The value of turnkey financial affiliate tracking software and how it solves your measurement problems

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These days, data is essential when you are looking to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. When investing marketing dollars, it is important to understand which channels and campaigns are performing best, based on your chosen metrics of success. This requires the ability to track and report the customer journey to identify where the customer came from, and how and when they ultimately converted.

Understanding the customer journey to craft a seamless experience using data is becoming the essence of digital marketing, according to Forbes. Adding to that, eMarketer reveals that better reporting, measurement or attribution command the most attention in 2018, according to US senior marketing professionals. That said, tracking traffic with advanced analytics tools is becoming more important than ever since it allows you to make well-calculated marketing decisions.

Since you need to collect and analyze data to fine-tune your marketing strategy, a turnkey tracking software with financial performance-based metrics should be something to consider if you are looking to improve your conversion rate. This type of software is easy to use but is also regularly updated to improve user experience (UX).

Read on to find out how affiliate tracking can help you solve your measurement problems and save time and marketing dollars.

It shows and calculates transactions for you to view and approve.

Though there are countless digital marketing tracking platforms out there, like Google Analytics, very few provide you with the data necessary for a financial affiliate program. Most analytic tools lack the capability to provide you with useful data such as CPA (Cost per Action) commission, transaction status, current balance, and approved sales figures.

In addition to providing insightful data, a good financial affiliate marketing software lets you visualize the performance of important metrics over time and allows you to review your payouts on a daily, weekly, monthly, and month-to-date basis.

It has a pre-built platform with an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

The advantage of a platform with a well-designed dashboard is that it lets you look at all key figures and view a summary of the account across all affiliates, which allows you to keep track of who is performing well and identify your top affiliates. In addition, period comparison lets you view the performance of key metrics of over time and identify your best creatives across all your products/services.

It provides traffic tracking, so you know your customer’s experience.

It’s important to understand what your customers are doing when something triggers the need or desire for your services. According to Google, “75% of marketers agree that lack of education and training on data and analytics is the biggest barrier to more business decisions being made based on data insights.”

Having a turnkey solution, which provides you with advanced analytics for insight-driven marketing, allows you to see which creatives are resonating with your customers by type and status, and makes it easy to know where your customers are in the buying cycle. This means you can keep pace with them, so you know if they are at the awareness, consideration or decision stage of their buying journey, and help them move from one stage of the sales cycle to the next, which can go long way to improving your conversion rates.

There Is Integration and Customization Support

If you have worked with affiliates in the past, then you know that they can provide their data in various formats, which can make it hard to integrate since different formats are not always compatible with all platforms. Keeping this in mind, if you do not want to transcribe the data manually, it is important to have an affiliate platform that supports automatic integration to make sure the data is properly converted. Share Results supports custom integration that converts data of all affiliates in a compatible format.

A turnkey financial affiliate tracking solution collects and provides you with data on standard traffic, transactions, and earnings analysis, but your business might need different metrics and/or visuals, so it is possible to complete an affiliate marketing management program with account management capabilities to customize your reports.


Consumer insight and data are becoming more important than ever. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your conversion rate, a turnkey financial affiliate tracking software with financial performance-based metrics is certainly something to consider, as it allows you to work smarter and not harder.

Ding and Share Results Partner and Launch Affiliate Program

We’re Excited to Welcome Ding to the Share Results Family

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Share Results Has Partnered with Ding

Ladies and gentlemen, get excited – we’re happy to announce our recent partnership with Ding, the world’s largest international top-up provider. Many of you might be wondering… what exactly is top-up? Well, the majority of us in Canada and the United States have cell phone contracts that we pay each month. It’s standard practice for obtaining a mobile device in much of North America, but around the world, it’s a much different story.

Think about your phone like a parking meter; for those of us with contracts, we pay the meter on a monthly basis and that’s it. For people who use top-ups, they put credit into the meter (i.e. their phones) which grants them the ability to make calls, browse the Internet, send texts or Tweet as much they please until the credit (i.e. top-up) runs out. This is where Ding comes in, as their service enables people to send top-ups around the world in just 3 seconds.

Care for another example? No sweat. Imagine that you are originally from China, but have journeyed across the world all the way to Canada in order to find work and support your family back home. Using Ding’s service, keeping in touch with your loved ones is a relatively simple task that’s not bound by distance – all you would need to do is transfer a top-up to their mobile phone.

Company History

Ding was founded in 2006 by Mark Roden, a man on a simple mission – to make the process of connecting with loved ones as quick and effortless as possible.  The inspiration for the company stems from a trip Mark took to Dubai, where he met a waiter who described how difficult it was to send credit to his wife’s phone back home in India. Mark wanted to change this, to make it easier for people to communicate with their families, and as a result, Ding was born.

Mark successfully developed the business which has grown to a network of 350 mobile operators and over 500,000 retailers scattered across the world – it’s an amazing feat by any means.

Looking Ahead

Here at Share Results, we are tremendously proud to lend our top-notch proprietary software to help Ding acquire more customers via the affiliate channel. Using our turnkey software, Ding will be able to reach an entirely new customer base, helping them to achieve continued growth in their industry.

We wouldn’t be so excited if we didn’t believe in Ding’s cause, and we hope you will get excited about it too!

Interested in becoming an official publisher for Ding? Sign up here.

Tutorial: How Affiliates Can Use Custom Tracking in Share Results

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Do you follow the affiliate marketing blog of Sugarrae? A little while ago she published an excellent blog post titled How to Add SID Tracking to the “Big Network” Affiliate Links. Well, we wanted to take this opportunity to show you how Share Results’ own custom or sub-ID tracking works. Over the years, affiliates in our network have had specific tracking needs to help them identify key trends and information from the traffic and transactions they generate. We’ve decided to show you how the affiliate tracking link feature functions in our affiliate network.

Firstly, Sugarrae is correct about many networks having different names for their own custom or sub-ID tracking feature. In the Share Results affiliate network, we happen to call ours the Affiliate Custom ID or ACID. Also, affiliates that use custom or sub-ID tracking for their links will have a clearer understanding about which of their marketing tools are converting the best. Having this type of real-time data can give affiliates the necessary information to optimize their campaigns and attain better results.

When you log into your affiliate account in the Share Results affiliate network, you can begin a creative search to look for the type of affiliate tracking link you want to use to promote your preferred merchant. You’ll notice that each affiliate link allows for custom characters to be added to the end of your affiliate tracking link URLs. This is what is known as the ACID feature.

How To Set Up Sub-ID Custom Tracking for Affiliate Links

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To use this feature, you simply add your preferred characters in the ACID field. Your ACID can consist of up to 50 alphanumeric characters. For example, imagine that you want to promote an education lead gen offer for one of your more successful websites or inner landing pages. Perhaps you have decided that you want to promote degrees from a specific U.S. state for your campaign, such as California. You would enter californiadegrees in the ACID field. Your affiliate tracking link would then appear as the following example:

Should your affiliate tracking link with the ACID characters be used to trigger a transaction, then you will see those same alphanumeric details when you generate a transaction report.

As mentioned earlier in this post, custom affiliate tracking links are a major benefit to affiliates. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use this feature as a standard method for setting up campaigns. In doing so, you are already steps ahead of other affiliates in terms of mining better data. Moreover, when this information appears in your reports, you are working with more compelling real-time statistics, which is essential for optimizing your future campaigns. What better way to quickly identify your most effective links than to include unique sub-ID tracking to your affiliate links.

We hope this helps you understand a bit more about how Share Results’ own custom affiliate tracking feature works and the benefit it offers you when wanting more real-time data. If you have any questions, email us at, or feel free to leave us your comments below.