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Halloween 2014 – The Spooky Side of Affiliate Marketing (Part 1)

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Happy Halloween 2014

Whether you are an affiliate or merchant, the online advertising world can sometimes seem like a bunch of hocus pocus. So this Halloween 2014, take some time off of binge re-watching The Walking Dead or getting dolled up for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and haunt the affiliate marketing underworld. You wouldn’t want your advertising efforts making your bank account look like a haunted cemetery now would you?

Tales of Enchanted and Cursed Keywords


Don’t let superstitions guide your keyword use – Analyze your data and ensure that you are:

  • Only spending money on converting keywords. If they aren’t converting twice the average number of clicks, may they RIP!
  • Spend on the keywords you want. Use Google AdWords’ exact match. It’s great to leverage the broad match option to find new keywords, but it’s better to optimize the keywords that really work by creating unique landing pages, rather than trying to manage hundreds of them.


Beware of the wicked keyword wars!

Affiliates are great partners, but know that if you are also using Google AdWords, you may be competing for the same keywords. This could mean that your cost per click will rise as the number of bids for the same keywords increase. To avoid this potential nightmare, consider revising your terms and conditions to include limits on keyword use and avoid this competition altogether.

Contact us at if you have any lingering chills over keyword use. And if you’re feeling especially brave, keep your eyeballs peeled for another spooky affiliate marketing tale on Thursday, October 30th…