Part One: Smart, Data-Driven Campaigns with Share Results

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Financial industry marketers have long known that data-driven strategy can have a huge impact on their campaign’s success. But some companies lack the tools to analyze the high-volume of information available, such as real-time user activity and trends, and to make strategic refinements on the fly. How well are you using data?

Death by Manual Spreadsheets

Some financial businesses rely on manual reporting — spreadsheets that are passed around to gather data from various, ongoing campaigns. Once compiled, they are reviewed by the team and leadership. This method is slow and doesn’t allow for in-the-moment changes that could lead to increased success. Plus, the man-hours used to create such a document could be better spent.

When a financial institution is running an affiliate program, the process is even more time-consuming. Often, the affiliate has to wait for the company to send a monthly spreadsheet detailing acquisition results (often with very basic information and manually created), before they can analyze campaign performance. Basically, the campaign runs in the dark.

To sum up, manually-created tracking spreadsheets are:

  • Time consuming
  • Labor intensive
  • Lacking access to real-time insights

Premier Reporting Tools For High-Performing Campaigns 

Ready for a real data solution? A best-in-class reporting tool cuts out the time to manually compile this information and delivers a full-view of all running campaigns in the moment. And that’s exactly what the ShareResults software offers.

Earnings Report

Earnings Report: In the robust ShareResults software, a merchant or financial industry marketer can easily drill down to specific metrics, including click-through, approved transactions and commission information.

Easy to use and customizable, this robust software reports real-time data and can compile a myriad of reports which you can email with one click — making those paper spreadsheets a thing of the past.

The customizable dashboard keeps things organized and easy to use.  It also allows users to manage multiple affiliate campaigns, with important data at-a-glance. It can be set up with an unlimited number of custom commission plans, multiple products and creative images. It also includes a paperless payment system for affiliates with monthly invoicing, balance statements and more.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Mobile Marketing

Marketing Agencies in the Year 2020 (Part 2)

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Beyond the Trends

Rather than bore you with a list-based article discussing the many marketing trends that will surely dominate practice in the years to come, we thought it might be more amusing to speculate about what a typical marketing agency will look like in the year 2020. Honestly, I beseech you to Google “marketing trends” and peruse the first few results… the same information, emphasized and recycled time after time. Boring!

In any case, last week, we tackled two essential components of a marketing agency, both of which advocate the philosophy that all customer-facing communications must be deep-rooted in value. What’s more, is that besides value, by the year 2020, it will be absolutely necessary for all marketing-related endeavors to inspire genuine interest and curiosity – which is, admittedly, a tall order if you’re not equipped with the appropriate talent.

CRM Becomes Entirely Personalized

Remember that scene in the Spielberg blockbuster Minority Report when Tom Cruise’s character enters the mall and receives a plethora of hyper-targeted advertisements? Yeah, imagine that, but perhaps less drastic. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Customer relationship management will no longer be wholly focused on retaining patrons and increasing loyalty, but rather; firms will deploy highly-skilled CRM teams with one, everlasting mission: to leverage social media and develop data-driven customer profiles that reflect the unique nature of people’s interests, behavior, attitudes and beliefs. If you’re petrified by such examples of marketing innovation, then you should probably try to ignore the proliferation of wearable technology – because, quite frankly, this is only the beginning. Sure, this also implies that agencies will also have to establish an unwavering ethics team that know precisely when and where to draw the line. But hey – when all’s said and done, isn’t that what marketing’s about?

Believe it or not, but entirely personalized CRM is already happening thanks to a mildly disturbing application called Crystal Knows – a web platform that scans a particular individual’s digital footprint to produce a set of personality traits from which hyper-targeted communications can be deployed.

We already live in the future!

Everything Optimized

In the year 2020, a marketing agency is nothing without its optimization team – an exceptional group of perfectionists who take great pride in their ability to cultivate an efficient browsing environment. Every aspect of a digital campaign will be polished to produce the smoothest, richest and most enjoyable user experience that circumvents any semblance of slow load times or poorly rendered content.

Just say it out loud… everything about the word optimization oozes with swagger. It could be the most universally admired term in the English language. I mean, its implications are profoundly beautiful! I implore you to include the word optimization into your-day-to-day vernacular. Honestly, it applies to everything.

There you have it – our predictions for what a typical marketing agency will look like in the year 2020. I’ll bet you’re wondering why anything mobile-related was left out? Come on, people! Everyone and their neighbour’s dogs are barking about mobile technology and how it’s imperative to marketing in the future… this is common wisdom!

Agree with what we have to say?

Perhaps you’d like to add something?

Don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments below!

Psychedelic Digital Art

Digital Media Producers: Trust Your Gut (Part 2)

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Content Devoid of Quality is Worthless

In this day and age, when it comes to online marketing, no one’s really an expert. The digital cosmos is evolving so rapidly that it’s impossible for everyone to agree upon a definitive set of practices that ensure the viability of an Internet-based marketing campaign. Sure, there are elements of popular strategies that breed success, but when developing your next digital platform, it would be unwise to purely concentrate upon traditional customs in lieu of originality.

It’s widely reported that a website’s searchability is most influenced by the quality of its content. Yes, this is true, but come on… the philosophy behind this approach isn’t nearly novel enough to deserve the volume of attention it receives. The quality of anything determines its popularity, and it’s a waste of time to deliberate whether or not it’s necessary. Of course it is!

If you’re not infusing quality into your work then what’s the point?


Now that we’ve established the importance of sound content, stop reading other “Best Of” lists and take a moment to think about the nature of your customer/user base. This is precisely where you begin formulating a unique and convincing content strategy that communicates value while distinguishing your brand’s identity from the crowds of other similar enterprises, imitators and “me-too” enthusiasts. What are your users/readers/customers interested in? Why do they even care about you? What motivates them to get up in the morning? What industry insight can you leverage to amplify your brand’s appeal? Instead of worrying about what other firms are doing, use your imagination and conceive an original idea to lay the groundwork for a unique and compelling content strategy. Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Imagine yourself in the shoes of your most valued customers. Become familiar with their heartbeat’s rhythm. Visualize what success truly means to them. Unearth their passions and motivations. Then, after all that, somehow nurture your discoveries into opportunity.

OK, that last part can be tremendously difficult… I’ll admit it.

Trust the Almighty Algorithm

Once you’ve grasped why people seem to enjoy what your brand’s about, integrate all of your findings into a meaningful search marketing campaign. So what, the previous statement – in itself – lacks originality, but it would be unforgivably foolish to neglect the sheer power and authority of strong SEO. This is because search engines are quite literally the gateways to the Internet. People deploy the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo on a regular basis to support the buying process. If content’s truly king (sorry – I’m beginning to despise this expression), then SEO is its noble ancestor- or, if you will – its raison d’être. So, by and large, SEO should be at the top of your priority list. Heck, the top of your priority list of priority lists! The centerpiece of your entire digital strategy. The first thing you should think about when you wake up in the morning! Well, not before your family, of course. But you get the point.

Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic, but listen; those crazy and unpredictable web spiders (think: Google’s equivalent to drunk uncles) are known to appreciate and respond well to strong content ergonomics – freshness, diversity and richness. You can read more of those “SEO 101” blog posts and list-based articles all you want, but lest I warn you of their wild inconsistencies. Like I mentioned earlier, no one knows for sure, but the three aforementioned content traits – freshness, diversity, and richness – are undeniably the greatest influencers, particularly when fused together into a cohesive strategy.

Craft an exciting narrative for your brand, decide upon the relevant digital channels, create some engaging content, own your environment, and last but not least – trust your gut.

Do it the right way, but do it your way.

By incorporating these content traits – or at the very least, becoming aware of them – you’ll have the requisite knowledge base to further optimize your website, and everyone knows what that implies…

Higher conversions!

Content ergonomics is much simpler than you thought, huh?

Please, by all means, let us know how these strategies are working out for you in the comments below.

Introducing… Peter: The Digital Marketing Intern

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Why hello there, curious readers of this blog!

My name is Peter Albert Weir. I’m a budding digital media whiz, admirer of new technologies and the latest addition to the Share Results marketing team. Needless to say, I am tremendously excited to be working at Share Results – a forward-thinking digital marketing agency with more spunk and imagination than the name implies… I promise.

My Role

My position with Share Results is formally referred to as Digital Marketing Intern, and no, that doesn’t mean I’m solely responsible for developing and executing social media campaigns. Following the logical road not taken, Internet marketing actually goes beyond Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As the digital marketing intern, I’ll be supporting the marketing team with various initiatives to facilitate growth, build brand awareness, and help to conceive and establish a niche market where Share Results can best serve our current and prospective clientele.


Care to know a little about my background and how I ended up here? Well, for as long as I can remember, I aspired to be the next great Canadian filmmaker. Following high school, I enrolled as a visual arts student at the University of Victoria, laying the groundwork for a prosperous career in the film industry by absorbing the meat-and-potatoes of art theory. I pursued this goal of becoming a world-class filmmaker via a grassroots approach – in order to be totally comfortable, I absolutely needed to establish a rudimentary understanding on the fine arts, and exactly what it takes to cultivate an original creative vision. Shortly thereafter, I transferred into Concordia University’s film program, where I soon reevaluated my career desires; I didn’t necessarily want to become a filmmaker, per se, but what I truly craved was to work in a dynamic environment where I would have the opportunity to collaborate with diversely talented people.

Upon reflection, my bizarre and somewhat unconventional path to becoming a digital marketer has endowed me with a unique approach to decision-making and problem solving. Honestly, if I hadn’t spent a year studying the fine arts, I would never have developed an understanding as to how art can be perceived and valued, and for that, I am grateful.

Art culture is nutty!

Looking Ahead

I’m happy to find myself in a position that requires a lot of collaboration and imaginative thinking. I am looking forward to spending the summer in Montreal, working at the Share Results head office, and learning from some the industry’s best while broadening my range of capabilities.

Integrated Marketing Techniques

Transparency Created In Affiliate Marketing Pt. II

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In Part I of this series, we took a close look at the significance of transparency in affiliate marketing and explored what this means in the way of relationships between affiliates and affiliate managers. We established that there are a number of things affiliates can do to facilitate an open exchange, creating opportunities for all parties involved – this included sharing contact information, traffic sources, visitor demographics, promotional methods and campaign placements.

Affiliates who keep their cards too close to their chest run the risk of not benefiting from opportunities created when information and ideas are shared and flow freely between all parties involved. Of course, all this indicates is that transparency is no one-way street. So what can you, as an affiliate manager, do to maintain and nurture this kind of openness? Let’s take a look:

Transparency Created In Affiliate Marketing Pt. II

Share Contact Information

Just as for affiliates, it is as important for affiliate managers to not only provide a direct email/Skype line of communication, but to make themselves readily available for discussion. This is vital in fostering good relations with your affiliates and encouraging the success of your program or network.

Commission Structures

It is imperative that affiliate managers not make any unwarranted changes to commission structures to ensure trust stays intact. Should any changes be made, adequate warning must be given to your affiliates, and with good explanation. Any other behavior may be deemed predatory.

Hot Topics

Don’t forget to share any new and relevant information with the affiliate pertaining to anything that might help drive traffic and create conversions! What’s the new hot item or seasonal trend? What new promotions is the brand putting forward? What information could the affiliate be taking advantage of? Is there perhaps a new vertical being offered by the brand? Although this may be obvious to the affiliate manager, that’s not to say the affiliate is putting it to use yet!

Clear Rules

Crystal clear terms and conditions are imperative so that the affiliate has the chance to remain compliant. True transparency ensures trust, and no trust can be created if either party feels as though they are being purposefully confused and/or taken advantage of. Clear terms and conditions provides an even playing field, so that everyone can play fair and make money!

Let’s remember, as we mentioned before, a team mentality will lead to trust and ultimately better conversions. Conversions mean higher revenues and an increased ROI which is good news for everybody! Let’s also not forget that positive feedback is the gasoline on the affiliate fire!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Transparency Created In Affiliate Marketing

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Transparency in Affiliate Marketing

Transparency: Good Reporting, Communication And Documentation Creates Trust And Opportunities.

There has been all kind of talk regarding the importance of transparency in affiliate marketing, but what do we really mean when asking for this kind of openness? An importance on clear, effective transparency needs to be established to ensure trust amongst all the different players in a campaign; affiliates, advertisers, affiliate managers and networks. Transparency plays a large part in creating trust between merchants and affiliates.

This, in turn, has the effect of more closely-specified leads which means more conversions and ultimately higher commissions. In this two-part series, we will first look at what affiliates can do to increase intelligibility.

For affiliates there are a few clever, yet not altogether common ways promote transparency and build trust:

Share Traffic Sources

Sharing traffic source information with your affiliate manager offers them insight into your visitor demographics and the opportunity to share relevant information that may help increase overall traffic to your site.  Sharing your geo-reach information can give affiliate manager a better understanding of your demographic and perhaps be able to share relevant deals that may be specific to certain regions.

Share The List Of Active Sites Where Brands Are Featured

This gives affiliate managers the ability to provide direction in the way of ad placement. Affiliates should take the opportunity to share with affiliate managers where the ads will go and what promotional methods they are using to generate traffic, whether it be email marketing, PPC, etc.

Share Contact Information And Be Available

Make yourself accessible in a variety of ways, whether it be through Facebook or Twitter or  more direct, private email address to ensure an open line of communication.

Of course, this type of transparency has to go both ways as a mutual trust needs to be established. Advertisers and affiliate managers have their own responsibility to disclose certain informative aspects of their practices. These may include reasons why commissions may be changed or reduced, promotional restrictions and guidelines, changes to the agreed-upon terms and conditions, etc.

Keeping an open line of communication for positive feedback and news is crucial to keeping things moving. What kind of exciting seasonal activity is going on? Are there any new hot products? Affiliates and advertisers will benefit from a team mentality so that everybody wins. Remember, transparency leads to trust which means better conversions, and ultimately, higher revenues and increased ROI. Take another look at that here.

For a closer look at what affiliate managers can do to increase transparency, tune in next week for the second part to this series!

A Look at Gen Y’s Online Habits (Part II)

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In last week’s post, we took a look at some of the major factors that contribute towards Generation Y’s online traits.  We discovered that the demographic is highly immersed in the ways of blogging, social media, social networking, mobile devices, and the Internet as a whole.

Alright, so now that we’ve established Gen Y’s online habits, let’s get into the good stuff for all you affiliates and merchants planning campaigns; Gen Y’s online spending habits.  Using last week’s findings as a foundation, let’s take a closer look at the two major types of Gen Y online consumer: the “shopper” and the “deal-seeker.”

The Shopper

  • most interested in the topic of shopping (hobby)
  • spends a lot of time researching and preparing for in-store shopping trips
  • focused on quality
  • enjoys selling items
  • enjoys searching for products (Craigslist, eBay, etc)
  • participates in online retailer ratings and reviews

The Deal-Seeker

  • most interested in promotions (across all online channels)
  • uses email, Twitter to obtain exclusive deals, freebies, discounts, coupons, and sale notifications
  • active in online retailer ratings and reviews
  • not active with blogs, video, social media
  • relies on online ratings and reviews when making purchases

As you’ve probably noticed from these bullets, social media/networking can play a large role in Gen Y’s online tendencies as online consumers, regardless of these two designations – some avenues, however, have proven to be fruitless.  In particular, Twitter has become a marketing catalyst.  Somewhat surprising, too, is the fact that email still plays a dominant role in reaching out to Gen Y.

Repeat Tweets

A study conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project  in September 2009 confirms that, among Gen Y, Twitter use is on the rise.  Specifically, one third of Twitter users are between the ages of 18 and 29 (eMarketer); this is Twitter’s largest segment by far (adults aged 30-49 come in second with 22%).  Furthermore, 21% of this these users are female (17% are male).

Sysomos conducted a similar survey that reinforces this trend.  They found that 66% of Twitter users are under the age of 25.  The next largest segment was 15%, composed of users between the ages of 25-29 (13% came from the 18-24 age bracket).  It can be argued that both of these segments make up Gen Y.

All Hail Email

Fascinatingly, despite the effect of social media, email (believe it or not!) is still an extremely viable channel when targeting Gen Y.  In fact, most members of Gen Y prefer it to social media.  In a study conducted by the Pace University’s Lubin School of Business’ IDM lab, it was discovered that email is the activity that Gen Yers were the least likely to give up (over a one week period); this garnering 26% of the vote (tied for first with text messaging).

Moreover, it should be noted that checking social network sites fared significantly worse among Gen Y, with only 9% least likely to give up the activity for a week.  What this says, then, is that targeting ads and campaigns towards Gen Y through social media remains ineffective.  “As long as email remains the collection point for social networking updates, including alerts around new followers, discussion updates and friend requests, it will remain a powerful force in marketing and our lives” (eMarketer).

In summing up our study on Gen Y’s online habits, it needs to be stressed that the most effective ways for targeting this massive demographic are via Twitter and email.  Regardless of the array of social media/networks available to Gen Y, none compare to these two juggernauts, at least when focusing your campaigns at Gen Y.

Are you familiar with the Gen Y cohort?  Or have you already implemented these tactics into your campaigns?  Let us know of your success in targeting Gen Y, and if you have any questions hit us up in the comments below!

Last Day to Vote for Nicky Senyard’s Affiliate Summit East 2012 Session

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Happy Friday! We come to you with some exciting news: Affiliate Summit organizers are allowing the public to help them pick sessions for this year’s Affiliate Summit East conference. The show takes place August 12-14, 2012 and we are rooting for Share Results President Nicky Senyard to present at this year’s event.

Nicky’s session is called Tapping into Canadian Affiliate Marketing and will be a great opportunity for merchants, and anyone in the industry for that matter, to get the inside scoop on entering the Canadian marketplace and how entrepreneurs can optimize their business to attract more customers north of the border.

Last Day to Vote for Nicky Senyard's Affiliate Summit East 2012 Session

Today is the very last day to give your opinion, so cast your vote today! In order to vote, simply do the following:

  • Go to this link: http://www.affiliatesummit.info/vote/
  • Create a username
  • Enter an email address where you will be sent a password
  • Once you receive your password, log in to www.affiliatesummit.info/vote and search for the session
  • Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook so we can keep you up to date on the results! 🙂

    Meet Hiba, Share Results’ Newest Affiliate Manager

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    Affiliate Manager Hiba

    As an affiliate, have you ever wanted an affiliate manager to add a touch of spice to your promotional campaign? A month ago, a vibrant new affiliate manager joined the Share Results team and she’s already a hit with affiliates and merchants alike. Her name is Hiba and she keeps the office entertained with her intelligent feedback, bubbling personality and sharp, witty humour. Hiba is a welcomed addition to the team and we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to her via an interview.

    Name: Hiba Agha

    Role at Share Results: Affiliate Manager

    What kind of work did you do before joining the Share Results team?
    I was Manager of Research at United Way Ottawa and did socio-demographic research. I also worked briefly for the International Bureau for Children’s Rights, UNHCR, UNESCO, and as a teaching assistant at McGill University. I have never had a gem job at McDonald’s.

    What was your first foray into the world of online marketing like?
    I had a MySpace account but never used it or understood what it was meant for. Facebook was the first social networking site I actually use, although before that, I perfected my typing skills with MSN chat. I love Facebook, as I get to connect with friends and family who do not live here. I like Twitter for getting up-to-date news and articles from my favourite news sources and magazines. I think that online marketing is interactive and the way of the future but I also think it is unfortunate that the ads and links that pop up when I am online are tailored to my lifestyle. I find that it creates tunnel vision and does not allow me to have choice over what I see and click.

    How do you think your past work experience makes you uniquely positioned for your role with Share Results?
    I have research and writing skills that make me well-positioned for affiliate marketing. I enjoy conducting research on the merchants, finding affiliates to recruit, and conducting competitor analyses. I also enjoy writing blogs, following forums and understanding the industry.
    My last job also involved a lot of engagement and relationship building, which is important in this field too. These skills can be applied to customer relations with our merchants as well as our affiliates.
    My last job lacked any creativity and strategic thinking, which is something I get to do in affiliate marketing and this is great as I am a big picture thinker.

    What has been the biggest surprise for you since venturing into online marketing, and more specifically, the affiliate marketing world?
    I have to say that my biggest surprise has been how developed this field is. For someone who had not really known so much about affiliate marketing, I find that all the forums and discussions as well as the technology and best practices associated with affiliate marketing are abundant. It was as though a whole world of online marketing, and specifically affiliate marketing, was out there and developing or changing all the time. Another surprise was how fast this field evolves. The rules, laws and guidelines are always changing, which is in direct contrast to the non-profit sector, which is generally slow to change.

    Biggest lesson learned in affiliate marketing thus far?
    The biggest lesson I have learned is how difficult it is to stand out in affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, having a website and putting up a banner does not make you money. It is all about being proactive, being creative and knowing your audience. The same goes for merchants. Having an affiliate program is not enough to make them money. They need to be competitive, creative, and keep their promotions up to date. As for affiliate managers, being proactive is also key.

    What other interests do you have besides this position you hold with Share Results?
    I absolutely love to travel and learn about new cultures, new foods and new music, and see the world. I am constantly aching to get up and go somewhere new.

    What’s the last book you read, or album you listened to?
    The last book I read was called Shantaram. It was about a man who escapes for an Australian jail and has the wildest experiences in India, which he also falls in love with and adopts as a home. It made me laugh, cry and want to visit India.
    The last album I listened to was “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse as a tribute to a great lost talent.

    What are you looking forward to most about working with Share Results and the online marketing industry as a whole?
    I am mostly looking forward to learning everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and getting a little better at it every day. It is a job that requires multitasking and the ability to take on a new strategy when the existing strategy does not work. I am also looking forward to seeing how this field will mature and adapt to the ever-changing online world.
    To read some of Hiba’s insightful blog content, click here. You can also keep up to date with her future contributions to our blog via Facebook and on Twitter.

    What Marketers Can Learn from Canadians’ Love of Hockey

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    Stanley Cups Finals 2011 Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins

    Whether you grew up in Canada, are just visiting, or moved here from far and wide, you would be hard pressed to find a Canadian who does not have a burning passion for hockey. Canadians are crazy for this sport – some eat breathe and sleep hockey! Now, being from Vancouver, and having my hometown team finally in the Stanley Cup Finals after 17 years (GO ‘NUCKS GO!), I have said to myself, if Canadians can love this game so much, then merchants (among other members of the affiliate marketing industry) must be able to learn something from this burning passion of the “Good ol’ hockey game…it’s the best game you can name!”

    If you are anywhere south of the Canadian border, perhaps you may not understand what‘s so special about hockey. Well, there is an incredible amount of athleticism involved. These players sprint up and down a rink at full speed, whilst avoiding body checks every other second, maneuvering in between other players, carrying sticks, all trying to get a piece of a tiny round object no more than three inches in diameter, not to mention all on ice skates. This takes conditioning, endurance, and focus to say the least. Marketers should take note of these modern day gladiators – practice makes perfect. Condition yourself for a full marketing season of hard work. The balance between working hard and burning out is not easy. Successful athletes, like successful business men and women, are in it for the long haul. So if you are dedicated to your work and focus on each task at hand, taking one at a time or allocating items to other trusted team members, you will be able to endure the long hours of work, and the big picture will come into play, allowing you to achieve your goals.

    Most of these hockey players have been playing the game since they were wee boys, barely able to run, but can skate like the wind! However, only the best of the best make it to the NHL, which is why scouting in the NHL is so important. Merchants should also scout out partnerships with the right affiliates. If you would like your product to be promoted, don’t just let anyone do it. Pick the best affiliates in the business based on reputation, quality of their website design, their Google PageRank, quality of content and even keywords on their website; and remember to choose wisely. My fellow blogger, Maranda, has some tips on how you can recruit better affiliates here.

    As a merchant, you can also take lessons from the Stanley Cup Playoffs and how each team competes for the number one spot. When it comes to attracting new affiliates, try to have that competitive edge. Perhaps you can offer more competitive payouts or seasonal performance bonuses to make your program more attractive to partners. Whatever it is, do your research like the NHL scouts, know your business model and your competitors’ as well.

    Finally, and let’s not “beat” around the bush: Canadians love hockey because the players hit each other, a lot. As a fan, it’s exhilarating when you see that perfectly timed body check, or when two players drop the gloves and the entire crowd’s deafening cheers provides an energetic soundtrack to their dueling fist dance. It may be morbid, but it sure is exciting! While I am definitely not encouraging physical violence, I do encourage a healthy amount of assertive tactics. If you can see one of your banners is not driving the desired amount of traffic, then give it a game misconduct and toss it out of the game. Perhaps you may need to suspend using a landing page that has shown to have lower conversions. Compare and do some split testing for your marketing tools until you figure out why it isn’t performing the way you would like. No need to let non-producing links waste precious time and space. Above all, strive to be the best!

    Do you love hockey as much as we do? Leave us your comments in the box below.