Webcom Montreal 2012 Recap

Jeremiah Owyang ‘The State and Future of Social Business’

It was a great day for exchanging web ideas this past Wednesday in Montreal. The latest of the Webcom series took place with a select few hundred people in attendance. Webcom Montreal is a twice yearly event that gathers international web experts and influencers for a full day of conferences, panels, and networking within downtown Montreal. Based in the established International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) building, the spacious rooms, comfortable seating, and full technological setup (individual microphones for attendees were quite handy during the Q&A portions) made for a great backdrop to the diverse and interesting talks.

Split into three sections, the event had a main conference portion, the Gouv 2.0 series, and the webcamp brainstorming platform. Held overall in a bilingual format, the quality of the speakers and the event itself were notable.

Representing Share Results, I had the pleasure to discuss with members of several agencies and businesses, ranging from the innovative local w.illi.am/ firm to some of the thought leaders of companies such as SAP and IBM. In total, there were 27 different conferences to choose from during the day. Topics explored current web and online challenges – such as the strategies and hurdles in establishing social media channels, ecommerce, B2B and B2C issues, the notion of social business, the complexities of adapting for the rise of the mobile, and more conceptual themes such as life logging from the respectable Gordon Bell. The speakers raised some excellent points that are directly applicable to everyday business and additionally presented thought provoking themes to promote the ongoing growth of web practices.

It was a thought provoking day overall. The cocktail session and evening party setup by the SAT made for a perfect wrap up with inspired conversations and debates from the full day prior.  I’m definitely looking forward to attending the next Webcom Montreal, which will be held on November 7th 2012.


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