Fashion To Figure Helps Plus Size Women Become Fashion Forward

Recently, the media has become infatuated with the plus size fashion industry. This should come as no surprise considering that over 50%of women in the US are a size 12 and up, Whether it’s in brick and mortar stores, on the catwalk, or even on last month’s cover of Vogue, plus size fashion is getting mainstream attention.

Our client, Fashion To Figure, recently appeared on ABC’s Nightline in a story about the world of plus size fashion for the average American woman. Considering the success Fashion To Figure has had in the industry, they are well aware of the booming market for this side of fashion retail. CEO and founder Michael Kaplan was interviewed and emphasized the need for this offering all across America. Kaplan created his company in 2002 as the ultimate full fashion experience. They have several brick and motor stores as well as an ecommerce platform where customers can browse different plus size fashions from home, accessing much more variety in clothing options than can be found in their local shopping centers.

Fashion To Figure Helps Plus Size Women Become Fashion Forward

What does this mean for other online retailers and affiliate marketers who promote fashion merchandise? For affiliates that own plus size resource guides and fashion blog sites, promoting plus size fashion is an exciting opportunity. There is a growing emphasis on providing clothing for women of all sizes rather than only the minority of petite women, and there is nothing suggesting that emphasis will stop anytime soon.

If you’re a fashion retailer and have yet to cater to the plus size market, you’re missing out on considerable opportunities. Retailers that worry about falling sales and are having a challenge staying afloat might want to think about expanding the size availability of their clothing lines to cater this growing market. Plus size clothing was worth $17 billion in sales last year alone. The average American woman is 5 feet 4 inches, weighs 144 pounds and wears a size 12 to 14; however, the majority of stores carry sizes that taper off around these sizes. As a result, larger women who opt to wear stylish clothes are turning to online shopping for clothing that fits their curves and flatters their shape. Additionally, retailers that continue to function without an ecommerce platform or an affiliate program are missing out on greater brand awareness and a more extensive sales channel when expanding into the online market.

We are thrilled about Fashion To Figure’ recent coverage on ABC. If you are interested in promoting stylish clothes for plus size women, feel free to sign-up to their full fashion affiliate program. If you would like to learn more about starting an affiliate program, contact us for more info.

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