Meet Up with Le for so much Glee, at the Affiliate Summit East Conference-y!

There’s a buzz in the office.  Excitement! There’s just something about Affiliate Summit East that puts a skip in our step and apparently, a rhyme in our writing (albeit, admittedly, not all that great).

Our Meet the Share Results Team blog series is all about, well, meeting the team here.  They’ll all be at Affiliate Summit!  We started with Jamie, and next we met Maranda.

Today, I sat down with Le Michelle Nguyen.  I like Le.  Her Skype message says “fettucini, Le-Michelle-Nguyenlinguini, martini, bikini!” and that’s just the kinda’ fun loving girl that she is.  She’s passionate about what she does at Share Results, and the best part is, she’s really quite good at it.

Good combination, no? You can stop by and chat with Le at our booth at the ASE conference.  The team will be at RG 2017, so come on over and discuss your affiliate marketing business and your goals.

Janice Scrim: Le, I know you’re very excited about attending ASE 2010.  What are you most looking forward to?
Le Michelle Nguyen: Meeting up with friends and making new ones. I love meeting people, period.  I’ve noticed that as the years go by, there are more and more people who go to this event.  You know if you meet someone under the guise of work, they may one day change companies and roles over the time. What I love about conferences like Affiliate Summit, of course it’s a place to do business, but it’s always nice knowing it’s the people you know will be there.

JS: You’ve been with Share Results for 5 years.  What do you think separates SR from some of the other networks and software providers out there?
LMN: We’re not the biggest network out there and we don’t want to be. We’re boutique and we know our affiliates and merchants by name.  You’re not just a number and you can call us anytime. And when it comes to our software, it’s a proof of concept— the software that you can licence from us is same platform that powers our very own network.  We’re cut from the same cloth! We constantly gather feedback from our partners to make it better software, simple to use and built for your needs.

JS: What kind of affiliates would most greatly benefit from a partnership with Share Results? What about merchants?
LMN: If you have a strong female or family audience with reach in the education, apparel and travel segments, you’ll find much success in our network.  Our network aims to partner with merchants whose ideal customer is a life time-customer. We employ this way of long tail thinking because we want our affiliates to be able to promote a product or service that has legs. (Really nice legs at that!)

JS: When it comes to supporting affiliates in building their online business, what do you do best?
LMN: I’m good at matching up affiliates with ideal merchants they should be promoting based on the types of placements they use.

JS: What are some of the challenges that affiliates face in today’s affiliate marketing space?
LMN: Being overwhelmed with “stuff.”  Whether it’s web metrics, plug-ins, software or taxes laws. There is an abundance of information out there for an affiliate to know.  The challenge is, how do you stay on top of it all? That’s why I think it’s important for affiliates to set personal and business goals for themselves. It can be measured by the amount of traffic to their site per month, how much they earn in Q4 or moving from a part-time to full-time affiliate marketing.  These benchmarks help you set the tone on what tools, programs and commissions you need to reach the next level. J

JS: What kind of support do you offer merchants to ensure they are expanding their a) brand recognition and b) sales potential?
LMN: I make sure I’m always available for questions.  Especially when a merchant is just launching or looking to boost their program exposure, I expect a lot of questions.  It’s a two-way street: I don’t want to make a cake unless I know what flavor you like.  We can better support our merchants’ goals and objectives for their affiliate program if we know how what kind of ingredients they plan bring to the table. For instance, I would always encourage a merchant to invest in doing some offline marketing in conjunction with their online efforts.

JS: The most recent 2010 AffStat Report indicates that most affiliates in the affiliate marketing space are just starting out.   How do you help ensure the success of newbie affiliates?
LMN: It’s no secret; figure out what you like and run with that. There are number of ways affiliates can make money, but if this is something you’re going to invest your time and energy into, you want to be sure it’s something you love writing about, or talking about. You should talk about it and promote as if it was natural. If you don’t like gardening, it’s going to difficult to build a store around gardening supplies. But if you love baby clothes, then…

JS: You’re a fun-lovin’, think-outside-the-box kinda’ gal—what do you love doing outside of work?dogs-handbag
LMN: In addition to being a digital marketer, I’m a freelance photographer, a blogger and I play soccer and do ballet. I also own two of the cutest little dachshunds dogs you will ever meet, Belle & Michigan. Plus I can cook a mean roast chicken.

Wanna meet Le in person? She’s this charming, and then some.  Meet up with her at booth RG 2017 or email her at le [at] shareresults [dot] com.

Thursday, we are wrapping up our Meet the Team series, and will be introducing you to Melissa Del Gaudio, who will be at the booth to tell you all about our software solution.  Be sure to tune in again then, and SEE YOU IN NYC!

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