What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates or publishers are at the core of affiliate marketing. They are third-party marketers that promote brands relevant to their audience. What makes affiliate marketing unique is that it is an acquisition marketing channel where brands pay only for results. This means a brand’s customer must take an action (i.e. registration, purchase, transaction, referral) before the third-party marketer or publisher gets paid.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate Network & Technology

A brand chooses to partner with Share Results and integrate into the Share Results network

We use pixel and batch-file tracking to allow real-time campaign performance, transactions, applications and approvals to be reported in our system

Share Results affiliate partners can then apply to promote the brand through our application page

Once an affiliate is accepted, they will be able to log in and access the brand creatives, tracking links, and reporting on their own campaign performance

Our Tracking Methods

Pixel Tracking

How it works:

  1. Visitor clicks on a banner from a publisher site
  2. Goes to advertiser site
  3. Proceeds to check out
  4. Receives thank you page where the Share Results pixel fire
  5. Share Results pixel is set to fire
  6. Data delivered to Share Results’ database as pending authorization from advertiser.

When a publisher generates transactions or leads, data pertaining to this transaction is captured on the advertiser’s site and information is sent to the Share Results servers through a tracking pixel and stats are displayed in real time.

Batch Tracking

How it works:

  1. Visitor clicks on a banner from a publisher site
  2. Visitor makes a purchase
  3. The files are submitted at a scheduled time
  4. They are uploaded into the affiliate tracking system via a csv file.
  5. Once uploaded, the affiliate program reflects the new data accordingly

Batch filing allows the advertiser to perform their own validation or post-sale processing operations before submitting the final data.

Hybrid Tracking

How it works:
Batch filing and pixel tracking can be combined for bulk approval tracking.

  1. Visitor clicks on a banner from a publisher site
  2. Visitor makes a purchase
  3. Transactions are recorded in real time through the process described under the pixel tracking tab
  4. Transactions are also captured in the advertiser’s database to be reviewed and approved/declined
  5. A CSV file is sent to Share Results

This allows transactions to be displayed live, with the added control of being approved daily via the batch filing option.

Key Software Features

Centralized Control

Creative Management:

Our software supports a wide range of creative, including: widgets, dynamic links, feeds to easily triggered flash deals and coupons.

Affiliate Management:

Ability to categorize specific partners into separate groups and assign distinct commissions to those unique partners.


Communicate directly with publishers through the built Message Center. This allows advertisers create program-specific communications or network-wide automated messages, as well as send private messages to individual publishers.

Fraud Monitoring & Detection


Customer IDs and order IDs are provided in detailed reports allowing you to easily cross reference sales data and review transactions in pending status before commissions are triggered.

Email Lists:

Generate and export lists of subscribed publishers. Only subscribers opted-in to receive messages will appear, ensuring compliance with anti-spam regulations.

Opt In/Opt Out:

In line with anti-spam legislation, our software allows publishers to click an “Unsubscribe” link displayed in system email messages automatically updating their subscription status.

Customizable Features & Branding

White Label:

Tailor the Share Results software to match your company’s brand down to color schemes, logos, terminology and more.


Upon logging in, you can view a quick snapshot of your online business with graphical charts and statistical data in real-time, pending message alerts.


Set up your platform using our multilingual capabilities. You have the option of setting up multiple languages for your publishers including English, French, Spanish and more.

Flexible Commission Structures

Flexible Options:

Apply one or a combination of commission models including CPA, CPL, revenue share on flat or tiered commission structures.

Adaptable to Publisher Needs:

Issue exclusive commissions to individual or specific publisher groups and offer performance-based rewards such as monthly bonuses applied manually when needed.

Clear Reporting:

Our detailed and transparent reporting allows publishers and advertiser a clear understanding of commission earned.

Simplified accounting

Ease of Use:

Generate invoices to make payments with ease.
Effortlessly generate all of your previous payment period details.

Robust Capabilities:

Your financial team will love our easy-to-use payment model offering flexible payment options as well as multiple payment methods and currencies.

A Solution for Everyone:

If you have a unique system in place to process payments, we can adapt to your needs. Let us know and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your payment processing needs!

Program Optimization

Real-time Reporting:

Access real-time data to identify sales, trends, consumer behavior, and affiliate performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Affiliate Client ID:

Publishers can add a custom parameter (such as a keyword, or an alpha or numeric variable) to their tracking links to enable more targeted tracking.

Sophisticated Search:

Search criteria fields give affiliate managers the tools needed to quickly look-up and find publishers based on targeted information such as location, transactions generated, website name and more.

Affiliate Management and Recruitment

Leverage our team’s expertise in the financial services market and extensive relationships with North American affiliates. We manage the day-to-day activities including campaign management, affiliate recruitment and communications to allow your team to focus on your other key channels.
Our expert team will support your planning and decision-making each step of the way. We will put together a tailored strategy based on your business goals and work together with your team to grow a profitable and successful affiliate program.

  • We will grow your program through our external recruitment and network recruitment activities
  • We will support and nurture your affiliate relationships through regular communication, newsletters, efficient payments, and program and content management
  • We will help to educate and support your team through regular meetings, weekly updates, monthly reports and strategy sessions

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