What Female Affiliates can learn from Fast Company’s Influential Women

Well-known alternative business magazine Fast Company recently published their annual list of the Most Influential Women in Technology. This year’s list sees some highly innovative and creative women in the technology industry given some well-deserved attention for their career achievements and cutting-edge ideas in male-dominated areas like video gaming, and for major broadcasters like CNN.com.

You may be a female affiliate working from home (potentially in some cozy pyjamas) wondering if one day your name will ever appear on such a prestigious list of innovative thinkers. Well if you are an active publisher constantly enhancing your business and networking with industry influencers at popular industry events, you could very well be on your way to achieving that goal. Take a lesson from the women on the list; they are cited for a reason.

One very noticeable element about this list is the diversity in age, niches, and ethnicity of the women listed. This tells us that there is plenty of room for women of all backgrounds to make their mark in the professional world. Some got their start working for companies like Facebook, Google and Xerox. Other women launched their businesses after graduating right out of college, and working from home. Regardless of when and how you may have started your affiliate business, we strongly advocate you keep doing what your doing and even look at how to enhance your entrepreneurial skills through some of our own online marketing tips and advice from our blog. But more importantly check out the full list of women.

The women in Fast Company‘s magazine are segmented under seven distinct categories including “The Executives”, “The Gamers”, and “The Media” to name a few. Among those that stand out are Vevo’s senior VP Julie Lee who has taken the online music-video service to a new level. You’ll notice that typing in a popular name like Lady Gaga or Drake on Youtube garners tons of unwanted videos. Vevo has effectively helped major artists better streamline their own content (not parodies or unauthorized taping of live performances) under one Vevo umbrella, which makes perfect business sense in terms of branding artists and their music video content.

Another standout woman on the list is “Activist” Leila Chirayath Janah, founder of the online nonprofit organization Samasource, which has helped the poor, women and youth around the world to receive employment opportunities through internationally outsourced projects. You’ll probably agree this is a significant platform for employing women and youth in countries like Haiti where natural disasters has taken a heavy toll. Janah’s organization demonstrates there is a silver lining in the cloud.

The Share Results network has had the privilege of working with a number female affiliates all looking to enhance their network of sites and blogs. Mommy bloggers in particular have done quite well promoting some of our more female-centric affiliate programs. So, another Fast Company name under “The Media” list gives us another example of why female bloggers have quite a bit of significance for us readers. Food blogger Pim Techamuanvivit who runs the site www.chezpim.com has risen to the top of the food chain. You should check out what looks like a very delicious green curry dish published on her site. Techamuanvivit’s blog pretty much explains why she earned herself a book deal and is on the FC list.

Finally, as a person of Afro-Caribbean descent, I’m pretty thrilled to see Angela Benton on the list. The founder of BlackWebMedia has definitely brought a fresh perspective when it comes to Black American culture in New Media. She owns a couple of sites including www.blackweb20.com, which has partnerships with some major corporations.

The greatest lesson an up and coming female affiliate can take from this list is that the internet offers a widespread opportunity for all women to be at the helm of innovative technological opportunities. Even if you’re a newbie just getting your feet wet, this list is an example of what hard work and originality can do for your career. : )

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